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Who we are

­ The Spydercrane is built by Furukawa UNIC in Japan. The first mini-­crawler was built in 1999. It was only into the mid 2000’s before they gained some moderate popularity in the UK. Between 2004 and 2008 the number of units in use in the UK went from 40 to close to 500. In the United States and Canada prior to 2008 there were few Mini Crawlers around. The units needed much work to meet the local emissions and other regulatory approvals. In 2008 “SPYDERCRANE” was born when a crane operator and builder from Phoenix AZ obtained the distributorship for the US and Canada. The Spydercrane organization today provides full technical and marketing support for all aspects of the cranes

Chase Elevating Equipment began operation in 2013 in Airdrie, AB, and is Spydercrane’s main dealership in Western Canada. They currently operate in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.